Quality at any.cloud

When we think about quality, we think of our business partners. Because with their help we are pushing limits everyday and setting the bar high. We want quality in all aspects of our company. For any.cloud, working with the best means using high-end software, servers and solutions. There is no doubt in our minds that IBM and Veeam are the right business partners for us and our customers when looking for top-notch services. Our relationship with IBM and Veeam makes us stronger and paves the way to new information and improved solutions, as knowledge sharing is one of the pillars of our cooperation.

Our business partners help us strive for the best, and through them we are reminded that we can advance, develop and provide solutions that matter. With IBM and Veeam as our inspiration, we set the bar high and work on creating a better future.

Partnership with IBM

As a multi cloud service provider, our offers have a wide range, and so do our business partners. We have been working with IBM since 2013, always following their innovation, which has helped us expand our services. We have done so through our cooperation with the most stable, reliable and innovative companies, starting with our high-class equipment in our datacenter, allowing our customers to store their data in IBM datacenters across the globe, to launching our latest service, the modern Cloud Object Storage and Watson.

Our intensive and fruitful cooperation with IBM was awarded in 2017, when receiving the ‘Cloud Partner of the Year’ title. We were rewarded for our innovative achievements, especially in how we use cloud solutions and implement Watson services. As a business partner, IBM ensures stability and reliability and keep an open mind – thereby letting us search for and develop new solutions and services.

Partnership with Veeam

As another long-lasting partner is Veeam. Veeam gave us a new great opportunity to offer our services like Disaster Recovery and Backup in 2011. After almost 7 years of cooperation, we have earned not only the gold cloud service provider status. As a result of the cooperation we also received their 2014 Partner Award. Landing us the title ‘The Best Cloud Service Provider’.

By combining Veeam’s software with our services, we provide a solution that lets our clients keep their businesses running. No matter what.
That is how we got our five-star rating with Veeam.


Quality can also be found in our certifications. any.cloud is a member of Danish Cloud Community. This guarantees your company that your data is technically and legally protected. Your company’s data lies encrypted in our highly secure server camp at InterXion. Staffed 24 hours a day with security guards, and insured against water damage, theft, fire, hacking etc. Your data is, in other words, safer with us than with you.