’s virtual private server (VPS) is a high-end, high-performance virtual server, with dedicated resources for your exclusive use and preinstalled operating system of your choosing (Windows/Linux). Furthermore, it’s fully scalable, secure and incomparably faster and more reliable than physical servers. . 

How does VPS optimise your business? 

How much time and money do you spend maintaining your current server? And is it fully operational and secure and does it have backup? Finally, have you ever thought about what would happen, if your server were to break down? VPS from guarantees that you will be able to focus on the growth and development of your business rather than fixing inevitable IT infrastructure problems, saving you both time and money. Because your virtual private server with is not likely to break down. Configuring hardware, providing redundancy, backups, etc. – all is in our VPS service. For maximum convenience and security, you can even have the server in question managed by our qualified administrators with years of experience. 


Fully virtualised server

Dedicated resources

No physical equipment in the company

Reliability and availability 24/7/365

Scalable (easy change of parameters)

Greater safety

Backup where we can restore even single files

Predictable expenses (monthly subscription)

Additional services: backup, administration

Technical details of virtual private server

Our servers are High Performance Redundant Enterprise Infrastructure (IBM/Lenovo, HPe 3PAR, Cisco, Juniper, Veeam and VMware). Our virtualisation is based on VMware or HyperV.

The datacenter has top security, redundancy of power, is armed by guards and equipped with surveillance systems. As a result, we are meeting the strict requirements of both ISAE 3402 and ISO 27002. Moreover, we comply with the GDPR. Further, we offer our clients a data processing agreement for free. Other hosters may charge their clients for that; however, this is in the offer too. 

Finally, high bandwidth (1Gbps) and unlimited data transfer. And hosting in one of the 32 ISO certified datacenters. The concrete, physical location of the ISO 27001 datacenter. As stated in our SLA, we guarantee an uptime of 99,9%.  

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    In our ISO certified datacenter in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    As soon as it is deployed you will receive access to it.

    Only if there is an agreement between customer and

    Yes, as standard we offer backups performed with Veeam Backup & Replication. The backups are performed every day and allow you to retrieve any lost data.

    We use technology from VMware, Microsoft, HPe, IBM and Veeam.

    We are always ready to help on +45 7020 4066 or