Support is important at We care about our customers, so we want to help them make their business grow. We want you to be at 100 % efficiency 100 % of the time, wherever you are. Our goal is to ensure that our services boost the quality and productivity of your company. We commit to making your situation as ideal and easy as possible.

Support whenever and wherever you need it – you decide how

Our support is handled by a team of experts that help you solve problems and not just by responding to tickets. Our employees are experts in cloud services, infrastructure and also Microsoft/Mac problems. Through regular training sessions, they keep up with the latest developments in our business, so they can offer you the best support. That gives you time to focus on what you do best.

Helping you online

We know your setup of every single customer of ours and we can connect to every computer in your company. Using secure software to share your screen we can make sure you don’t have to wait long. Moreover, we are happy to assist you with installing programs, setting up printers or we can help you correct faults.

We can help you over the telephone

If you need help over the phone, our technicians are at your service every day. They can solve most problems with just a couple of questions and some easy-to-follow instructions.
Therefore if you have a problem, just call us and we will be happy to advise you.

On-premis visit to your company

Sometimes, support takes more than a phone call and may require that a member of our tech staff stops by your company. So, if you need an on-site IT supporter, that is no problem. We will schedule a visit and resolve your technical issues – whether it is minor or major issues. The frequency and duration of these visits vary according to your needs.
Whether you need help solving a simple technical problem or a complete service on-site, we are up for the job and look forward to helping you.

We have offices in three countries

Please note that we offer different support packages for each country, so please see below for more country specific information.

Types of support with

On-premis support. We come visit your company

You can phone us during business hours

We can help you online (TeamViewer)

Contact us to order


    Our business hours are from 8-18 Monday through Friday, and we are on the phones waiting your call. Go to our contact page to fill in our contact form.

    Give us a call or write an email to us, then we will make sure to book a IT consultant for you as soon as possible.

    You will reach us at +45 70 20 40 66 between the hours of 9-17 Monday-Friday.