endpoint management

There are many ways to protect your endpoints. At any.cloud, we call it Cloud Device. Cloud Device is an endpoint management system that will fit in anywhere as it offers IT security for all businesses. It will automatically administrate your patches and antivirus – controlled from one single easy-to-use interface. Moreover, you can customise a solution exclusively for your company. In Cloud Device, there are services available such as antivirus, software updates and software management. The idea is for you to spend your time on better things.

How endpoint management optimises your business?

Cloud Device will automatically deploy software updates and manage antivirus with malware protection. It identifies and automatically updates software which also will improve your security. Sign up, pick your services and install the Cloud Device agent. And everything is controlled from the web portal.

Try it 30 days for free and discover how easy managing antivirus, software updates and software management all in one can be. As a result, everything is easier and less complicated with Cloud Device because you pay per month and there is also no period of commitment.

Another plus, Cloud Device has a minimal setup and is controlled from one simple interface. Based on IBM and Trend Micro technology, the software is tested and secure and works for PC and also for Mac.


Update your software on all computers with one click

Use antivirus on all devices with one click

Install programs on all devices with one click

For PC and Mac

Free 30 day trial

No commitment. No minimum. No hassle.


Cover the basics with advanced and affordable antivirus, powered by the newest Trend Micro technology. Manage settings and alerts centrally. It scans for viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits and other kinds of malicious files too. Furthermore, it can even warn your users, if they try to access a malicious website. The antivirus has malware protection and also spyware and rootkit detection.

Software Updates

Another feature is software updates. Unpatched software causes annoying update notifications for the end-users, which increases the need for support and leaves computers vulnerable to malware and hackers. Cloud Device automatically identifies and updates common software, thus improving security and minimising helpdesk calls.
It is fully automatic, which means you don’t even have to move a muscle. In addition, it will not confuse your employees as it is completely invisible to the end-user. The Software Update supports local distribution points and works for Windows and also Mac.

Software Management

Manage software across your computers with ease. Our software management module enables automatic installation and uninstallation of common software packages, blacklisting of unwanted software and software inventory reporting.
With Software Management software is deployed automatically. Furthermore, you are able to blacklist unwanted software. In addition, you can even use it to manage your software inventory.

Technical details and how to

Cloud Device is easy to use: Just sign up, pick your services and install the Cloud Device agent. And choose the services you want. Manage services centrally via our web portal. Define one setup for all computers, or customise in groups. Use our zero configuration best practice settings or customise the services to your needs. You can change your groups, services and settings at any time.

As a result you can control everything from our web portal. Cloud Device allows you to manage all your endpoints from one beautiful and simple web interface. Cloud Device will automatically manage your computers and moreover notify you if you need to act.

Goodbye, complicated licensing!

Most noteworthy you pay per month with no commitments. You can finally say goodbye to contracts, complicated licensing and also payments up front. Because we invoice you each month for your actual usage, leaving you free to upgrade and downgrade at any time. Fill out contact form  below for more questions or go to our contact page.

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    An endpoint management system is a great way to make sure that endpoints are covered with anti-virus, patch-management and more. It automates the tasks while it provides great visibility from the webinterface.

    No, it is maintained by any.cloud.

    All updates are enrolled without causing any interruption.