How fast do you need your IT services to recover from a disaster? For how long can you be down without harming your business and your relationship to customers and suppliers?
A disaster can have a devastating effect on a business. Your organisation is always at risk, from failure of your computer, accidental error, vira, theft or natural disasters like flood or fire. The main purpose of disaster recovery is for your business to continue operating as close to normal as possible, to minimise damage and to prevent loss.

What are the advantages of Disaster Recovery?

Using cloud as a disaster recovery site has several advantages. You do not need to build the second datacenter, so you can implement DR significantly faster. With, you pay only for what you need. And it is not just about scaling your hardware resources – you only pay for CPUs and RAMs, if your DR is active for those devices. And last, but not least, with, you get a reliable partner with massive knowledge and experience. Securing your IT is easy with us.

Our experience at tells us that for a lot of companies, a timespan of no more than one hour of downtime can be tolerated. That is why we have fine-tuned our DR services to guarantee you 1 hour maximum of recovery time regardless of the size of your business.


1-hour recovery time

Pay for what you use

Whole infrastructure protection

Possible additional support

Reasons why you need a Disaster Recovery plan

Because you don’t have control over weather

Natural disasters happen whether we want them to or not. We cannot prevent them, but we can, however, influence the consequences they have for our business.

Because your customers expect it

Your customers expect you to be up and running all the time. And if you are not, they may look to your competitors. The faster you get back on your feet, the happier and more loyal your clients will be.

Because you need to protect your brand

Downtime and lost data can ruin your reputation and brand and diminish trust, which could lead to lost revenue.

Because we are people and not machines

We can automate almost anything with the help of technology, but one thing we’ll never be able to stop is human error. Humans make mistakes. It only takes one employee accidentally downloading a harmful file to compromise your entire organisation (damage to many computers) or accidentally pouring a cup of hot coffee on his or her own computer (damage to one computer).

Because hardware becomes obsolete

It does not matter, if you have the most powerful and expensive computers. Time is a powerful enemy that will sooner or later destroy your devices.

DRaaS provides the recovery scope for each type of disaster

  • Computer malware
  • Hacker attacks
  • Power failures
  • Fires, floods, earthquakes and other impacts from a natural disaster happening to a facility
  • Underground cable cuts or failures

If you find yourself in doubt or the difference between DRaaS and BaaS is still a little undefined? Then view our comparison sheet of the two here.

If your business uses IT services to generate profit, or it relies on such services to run, you are vulnerable if you don’t protect your data. Data can be lost by accident and most people know that they should do backups to prevent loss. But data without IT services are just a pile of ones and zeros. Don’t you think it is time to protect your infrastructure as well? Save money, save your customers and save your business. Make your disaster recovery plan today.

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    A DR solution is a always-ready solution if you have a failure on your environment.

    With our disaster recovery solution, you are securing data in an off-site backup solution that is air gaped. This way you will have a secure backup copy of your data, if your local or hosted copy is compromised.

    Through your own Veeam software or through our self-service webportal

    Between 5-15 minuttes, depending on your own setup. has been a VCSP (Veeam Cloud & Service Provider) gold partner since 2014. Our cooperation is strong and this is why we resell licenses and offer hosted Veeam Cloud Connect services.