Your business is made of data. Therefore, managing data is an increasingly challenging task as the amount of data is growing at an exploding rate. IBM Cloud Object Storage is the answer to the constantly growing amount of unstructured data. If you are looking for a solution that will fit your individual needs and one that is cost-effective at the same time – you are in the right place. Thanks to IBM’s technology, we provide a flexible, secure and scalable solution that can handle any volume of data.

What can you do with Cloud Object Storage?

IBM Cloud Object Storage (COS) can both fully replace and/or complement your local storage infrastructure. You can be sure that everything that matters to your business is in a safe place. You can choose between the worldwide cloud centers, delivering data where you need it, within secure, high-speed networks. In short, you will always have access to your data.
Use it as a data repository, additional backup for your data and data archive. Furthermore, you can easily publish or share your files, and it is where you can store whatever you decide is crucial to your business. We will make a solution that fits your needs and help implement your ideas.


NAS cloud backup and Cloud Object Storage

Another great thing about the cloud object storage is that you can backup your NAS. Having a cloud backup of your NAS is essential for most businesses. Get in touch to hear more about NAS cloud backup or read the article here.


Always-on availability

Built-in security

State-of-the-art IBM technology

Unlimited space

Simplicity and scalability

Better cloud storage economics

3 in 1: Simultaneous storage, backup and archive functions

Transferring data to IBM

The safety of your data is our priority. The original data you are sending to IBM COS must go through many steps of encryption to make sure that it will be safe. After encrypting the first SSL on the way from your location to the IBM datacenter, your files are encrypted one more time and sliced into 7 pieces. This is the first step to encrypting them even more by slicing them into a total of 12 pieces that are stored in different datacenters. Guaranteeing the always available data and backup.

How does it work ?

You are using the IBM COS space as a normal disk (for example through software such as Cyberduck) or operated by simple software provided by To add a file to IBM COS storage, just copy it or click and drag using your mouse. Easy and simple.

Watson services

An addition to Cloud Object Storage is the Watson – AI platform that allows your business to be cognitive-aware. Watson can analyse both text, images and sound and create valuable insights that are important to your business. Watson AI is a very important tool, when it comes to making better business decisions based on big data. The power of artificial intelligence is now is within your reach!

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    Cloud Object Storage (COS) is a service provided by IBM. A repository that can be connected via S3 protocol to the local environment. You will be able to edit a file and save it directly in the COS repository. It offers virtually unlimited storage capacity – whenever you need more space, you can just enlarge your repository.

    Thanks to smart technology behind COS, the data is being divided and dispursed, coded and encrypted for maximum safety and security.

    Cloud Object Storage is meant as a file/archiving system.

    There is no limit to what kind of data you can store with Cloud Object Storage.

    There is virtually no limit to how much data you can store with the COS solution. Get in touch with us, and we will help you start your COS solution today.

    As an IBM partner, we are able to offer COS service in extremely simple way – we charge just for the space allocated for our clients, we take care of all the other fees normally charged by IBM, operations like PUT, GET, LIST and so on.