At, we offer two kinds of mail services: Cloud Exchange and Microsoft Office 365 for businesses. Both solutions give you everything your business needs. The advantage of using Cloud Exchange is knowing your data is in an ISO-certified data center, and not in a shared environment. Your emails will always be accessible and 100% synchronised, whether you are at the office, at home or on holiday. Finally, both are suited for PCs and Macs. 

How Cloud Exchange optimises your business

With Cloud Exchange, you can add and remove a limited number of users – just as you wish. Giving each user 50 GBs of space and a daily backup. Ensuring your data and giving your employees quick access to reading, deleting and sending emails via our mail program on your computer or from your smartphone. offers your business the best email solution called Cloud Exchange. With our hosting certificate, you know we take good care of your data. Our mail servers are located in a Danish datacenter, which meets all security requirements. We store your data safely, and not in a public cloud shared with millions of users. Furthermore, you are protected by our market-leading spam and antivirus filtering systems. Finally and best of all, our Cloud Exchange makes automatic backup of your inboxes.


Unlimited number of users

Fast connectivity on Danish servers

50 GBs per user

Daily backup of emails

Possible two-step verification for extra security

Marketable spam and antivirus filtering

Let us help you

Choosing your companys’ mail service you will have to take many things in to consideration. Seems like an overwhelming task? At we also offer Office365, read more about the advantages of it here. Give us a call so we can help you in choosing the right mail solution and finding the perfect match for your company. Because we are here for you at +45 70 20 40 67 or fill in the contact form, and we will make sure you get the solution that meets your needs. 

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    There are two main reasons to choose Cloud Exchange over Office 365. Backup of emails is included in this price. Secondly, with this mail service you know the data is being stored on our Danish datacenter.

    Data will be deleted when your subscribtion ends. Please make sure that you download all of your data beforehand, as this is nonreversible.

    Yes as these OS is not supported any more. We strongly advise you to upgrade to a newer version of Windows.