Are you looking for a solution that can protect your company Office 365 data? We specialise in backup products, and backup Office 365 is no exception. In the current setting, it is your responsibility to have backup of your inboxes and the other features of Office 365, as it is not provided in the suite. We can help you protect and recover data, and it is safe with

So how does backup Office 365 work?

Our solution is called ReVirt, and it enables secure and controllable backup of your Office 365 data. We will provide a backup of your entire Office 365 data can make a quick restore if needed. Your data is stored in an ISO-certified data centre on Danish soil. Moreover, our solution comes with a complementary data processing agreement.

The software is Veeam-based. Veeam is experienced in backup and replication solutions and can also back up Office 365 data. The software allows backup of not only cloud based backup solutions, but also of hybrid cloud environments. The only requirement is that you have an Office 365 setup, from which we can ensure a high-encryption backup of Office 365 data. Your data is encrypted in our SOC 2 data centre on an ISAE 3402-II and ISO 27001 certified platform.


Increased data security

Safe and accessible

Data stored in Denmark

Avoiding data loss

Restore of data

Extended retention period

And what are the advantages of backup Office 365?

We make sure that you always have a copy of your essential business data. That means that we extend your retention period which is normally 30 days in Office 365. If the retention period is exceeded, your data is lost. This is the main reason for getting backup, which allows you to restore if needed.

Market leading software from Microsoft keeps your employees connected everywhere in the world, but does not provide backup. This means that if you lose or fire one of your employees, and close their Office account, all the data stored there will be lost. Much data that can prove indispensable is stored in e-mails, calendars and contacts.

The most common reasons for data loss in connection with Office 365 is accidental deletion, retention policies and external threats like malware or hacking.

Protect your company and your data today. Write to us or give us a call to hear more about our backup Office 365 product. You can also fill in the form below to order directly, and we will get back to you.

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    Unfortunately, you have to provide the backup of your Office 365 solution. With our solution you are securing your company data and you are able to restore if needed.

    Veeam Backup Office 365 can be integrated with Veeam Backup & Replication. Veeam Backup & Replication can also be used for backup of other types of environments. We use this software for backup of company data and for Disaster Recovery.

    Office 365 is in a shared cloud environment, but your backup will be located in our ISO-certified data centre located in Copenhagen.