The Finnish adventure

The Finnish adventure

2020 has been a year, which has disrupted many things – ways of living, ways of thinking, and for us in, it has also meant we have had to take a new look at And in the mist of all the negative, we have looked to the positive aspects and one of the heart-warming stories this year is our Finnish adventure.

2020 came to be the year where dreams came true, even though it has been challenging times. “If someone told me a year ago that I would accomplish my lifelong dream to become an entrepreneur and could make a living out of it, I would be extremely joyful.” Those are the words of the new CEO of Finland, Lasse Lättilä. He goes on to say: So much has happened in a year that it almost feels like I have gained a completely new life. Even during the awkwardly famous 2020, I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and I feel extremely grateful for that.”

Collaboration across borders

“Group CEO, Gregor, saw our potential and gave us the opportunity. I will be forever grateful to him.” Lasse and his team in Finland have made sure that and all its services are now available in Finland. The Danish management are delighted to see the family growing. “I truly believe in being where the customers are, and to have such a great Finnish team means our Finnish customers will have the best possible support,” says Gregor Frimodt-Møller.

For Lasse, this is not just a new way of living and a new way of thinking, as it also means he and the Finnish team are learning new skills and keep learning new things every day. “Just thinking about the possibilities with fires me up and fills me with energy.” was able to provide, expand and make dreams come true all in one, which must be a clear win-win situation.

“I have always wanted to do something meaningful and I think protecting data can be of utmost importance,” says Lasse, who is already 100% in sync with the way of thinking.’s top priority has always been to keep data safe and provide solutions, which are easy to use.

A strong connection despite of distance

But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns, because this collaboration has taken its departure in one of the most challenging times. The pandemic has made it difficult for the Finnish team to get a proper Danish welcome. In, we often meet with the Czech and Polish teams to strengthen the bonds when working across borders, but we have not yet been fortunate enough to do this with our Finnish brothers yet. “I look forward to the day when I get to finally meet all the any.clouders, who have been the most welcoming people I’ve ever met. It is weird that even though I haven’t met any of them in real life, it feels like we’ve known each other for years. The most important thing to me in my work is the people I work with. I value great colleagues and I feel lucky, because I just got another 45 of them.”

The Danish team is looking forward to welcoming the Finnish team and the other teams, when we can meet in Copenhagen again. We hope it’s going to be sooner rather than later.