ReVirt365: Easy backup of Microsoft 365 data

ReVirt365: Easy backup of Microsoft 365 data

In, it is our mission that our products are easy to use and easy to access for everyone. We truly believe in taking large and complex technologies from Veeam and IBM and breaking them down into easily digestible bites. And that is exactly what our new ReVirt365 webservice is all about!

We really wanted a solution for easy backup of files in Microsoft 365. Important data such as emails, contacts, files in OneDrive, Teams or SharePoint. The overall idea was to make it as easy and fast as possible for an administrator to make a backup of all company data. And not only that: Restoring a lost or deleted file should be just as easy.

In 2018, we started working on a service which gets its users fast and easy access to making backups as well as restores. And here it is! Our customers and partners now have access to our portal to secure Microsoft 365 data – trouble-free and with a minimum of effort.

Our “create-and-forget” philosophy

Simplicity is the operative word in ReVirt365, and the thinking behind it is “create and forget”. We want our product to be so simple that you don’t have to know it inside out to use it. ReVirt365 is not something you are likely to be using on a daily basis – this product is here to secure data, and once the connection is there, it just goes on without any further attention from you. It is a bit like taking out insurance: You keep your fingers crossed that you won’t have to use it, but you would be very sorry indeed, if you didn’t have insurance and suddenly needed it.

So what’s in it for your company?

If you are a system administrator, you can secure your company data just like that. You will get a daily update on your backup jobs and, what’s even more, your data will be available outside the ecosystem of Microsoft. And that means your data is available even if the Microsoft platform is down. As a system admin, you will get a trouble-free and secure access, because using Microsoft authentication is in our DNA, so it supports multi-factor authentication (MFA). Furthermore, you will get notification whether your backup is running as planned, and when the backup job is done, an email lets you know. You can even just tick the option that you only want to be notified via email, if the daily backup job is not going according to plan.

From backup to restore with ReVirt365

When it comes to restore, recreating your data is a pretty easy operation due to our web interface. A restore has 3 easy steps:

  1. Select the date when you had what you now want to restore
  2. Select what you want to restore (emails, Teams, OneDrive etc.)
  3. Decide, if you want to restore to the original location or to another user’s account.

The restore portal gets you access to emails or other documents that have been deleted – as well as to deleted accounts, so the admin can easily look up an earlier backup, locate the requested items and make a restore. ReVirt365 only restores the files that are not already there, so if a file is already available, the portal just skips that one. And that really comes in handy when backing up a folder with thousands of items, and you are not really sure what is actually in there.

Need backup of your Microsoft 365 data?

Does this sound too easy to be true? Why not just test it today and secure your company through easy, innovative and market-leading technologies (Veeam and IBM Cloud)? Revirt365 has been developed by – ISO certified and 100 percent GDPR compliant.

Do you want to find out more about how your company can benefit from ReVirt365? Check out our dedicated webpage, where you can find our video guides to setting up backups and restores. Find out more here:

If you are interested in onboarding your customers to our solution, you can get what a large number of resellers all over the world already have: Access to ReVirt365 which supports 16 data locations around the globe. Stop by our reseller site, so you can read more about the advantages of being an reseller.