Meet our Customer Service Team

Meet our Customer Service Team

Our Customer Service Team consists of 4 people who join forces to make sure that is running smoothly, when it comes to the stability of our operations. They are the face of our  company and they have a designated common goal: To help our customers. In, we aim  to have customers who are happy and satisfied with the services we deliver. In this blog, we are taking a look at the contributors to this task and put more than a name to who our customers “meet” on the phone.

Our Customer Success Manager

One of our team members is Pernille, who is our Customer Success Manager. Her job is to optimise our customer service through preparing and analysing satisfaction surveys on selected customers as well as performing daily customer service tasks that optimise our service level. In addition, Pernille has a strong focus on operational processes for which she is co-responsible with our COO. Here, Pernille assists with process documents, use cases and flow charts to maintenance the processes in our organisation.
“I’m on the customers’ side when it comes to, and I look from the outside and in. This helps me optimise and implement service measures, based on the customer’s perspective, and helps realise the wishes and needs of the customers. This is why it is important for me to have a close relationship with our customers, so I truly understand their needs and can assist them with achieving what is most important to them.”


Our Customer Service Manager

Mads is our Customer Service Manager – the guy you ‘meet’ on the phone when calling He is responsible for providing the very best service to our customers and helping to get an IT consultant on the phone or to the customer’s office. Furthermore, he is responsible for the communication and planning of our IT consultants’ day. That’s why Mads is a go-to person in, as he always knows who’s where and who’s doing what.
“I am the latest addition to our Customer Service team. I quickly became a part of the team, because there is a very strong feeling of togetherness – which I experienced from day 1. I can really relate to the approach to how we meet our customers. It is crucial for me, personally, that our customers get a good experience no matter what kind of inquiry they have. This is also important for What matters is that we work together to deliver a top notch customer experience.”


Our Customer Relations Manager

Our Customer Relations Manager is Robert. Robert used to be an IT consultant in, and with his outgoing personality and how much he loves meeting new people, it’s no wonder he’s our Customer Relations Manager. With Robert’s background as an IT consultant, he can assess our customers’ IT needs, both in relation to their existing and future needs. Robert has embarked on a journey with our Re products (ReVirt and ReTrust), where he identifies the needs of our customers and make sure they find the right solution. And if you see at something like a trade show, it’s almost guaranteed that Robert is there too.

“I love the opportunity to meet existing and new customers for one purpose: To ensure customised solutions through our Re products. In order to do this, it is crucial for me to get to know our customers and build a close professional relationship that creates the best conditions for identifying security needs and matching them with our solutions. What drives me is to help’s present and future customers stay safe in a reality that is constantly changing, and  where IT security is vital to any company’s ability to protect itself and its customers.”


Our Key Account Manager

Last, but not least, we have Michael. Michael is our Key Account Manager and he is really good at coordinating sales with service activities. Michael always has the customer experience in mind and an attention to detail, which is why he is our anchor for offers and contracts. Michael is also a frequent coordinator of internal projects where he excels in making action plans and chairing our status meetings. Michael is also our customer’s man, as he has an in-depth knowledge of our services and solutions.

“As’s Key Account Manager, it is important for me to ensure that our services and products meet our customers’ needs, and that their needs are best covered when it comes to each customer’s individual business structure. I have been with for more than 3 years and have had the opportunity to really get to know our different types of customers, as well as our various services. This is a position that I honour and I value being able to use my knowledge to guide and help wherever needed.”