How do you get IT security in 2020?

How do you get IT security in 2020?

IT security is made up by a number of different factors. Our focus, as a service provider, is particularly on behaviour and products, because how can a business do its best to defend their services? We want to help make that journey safe and secure by focusing on user experience.

We know that December was just here with its focus on Christmas and presents, but we can’t stop thinking about package deals. Or rather, we are talking about a particular package made up of 3 of the popular and unique services which we offer, that will take your IT defense to the next level.

More about the 3 services in question that builds up the security in your business: Backup and disaster recovery focus on products, whereas ReTrust (an identity and detection intelligence service) is more about staying safe via your digital behaviour.

And why this combination of products, you may ask? Antivirus, spam filters and robust hardware are still important factors. But here is the thing: We are quite sure that you already know about those, because they have been focus areas for (almost) decades. We have now moved on to focusing on what it takes to be safe regarding IT in 2020.


Backup-as-a-Service combined (or alone) with Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service

So why are we going on about backup as a tool to getting secure IT in 2020? It is as simple as this: Practically everything can go wrong, and you will still be able to start over as if nothing has happened. Best safety ever? We think so! Combining BaaS with DRaaS gets you guaranteed uptime!

Picture this: Although a malware attack will not impact your backup, it will still take you quite a while to get back on your feet again, and that is a fact. Our experience shows that companies that are hit by cyberattacks need considerable time to get back up.

Here is how you get up in a jiffy: A full replication of your IT environment which means that we have a 1:1 copy of your entire infrastructure. If disaster strikes, we can fire up that copy inside our protected sphere, so you can still keep your business running, although your primary environment is down.

Each sold separately. batteries not included.


ReTrust: How you use what you know about behaviour to get secure IT

Do you want your online platforms to be safe? Well, you are definitely a lot better off, if your page is a safe place to do business or store personal information and if your costumers don’t get their points stolen from loyalty or bonus programmes.

ReTrust helps secure that your customers are safe. A highly advanced software developed by IBM to detect and avoid fraud verifies all your users – without interfering with their user experience. The thing is this: They don’t even know that the ReTrust service is running. Digital fraud can be prevented by ReTrust, because the software will detect, if what happens is done by a hacker.

Has ReTrust caught your eye, and would you like to know more about how we do it? Read more here.


3 services – 1 objective

With the 3 services mentioned above, your website/app is secure, and you have taken important measures to stepping up your IT security with one or more of our services. How about a 30 day free trial of BaaS? Or ordering a free demo of ReTrust?

Just reach out to us today and we will get you set up for a secure IT journey.