What does an infrastructure specialist do?

What does an infrastructure specialist do?

Maybe you read our blog about what an IT supporter does? That’s just one leg of our business, and in this blog, you meet a different team, namely our infrastructure specialist (s). They join forces when it comes to making the networks of our customers, backup, replication and virtualisation run smoothly. And they do it through datacentres all over the world – how cool is that?


Introducing Hjalte

Hjalte is an infrastructure specialist and a member of our infrastructure team. He came to any.cloud almost 2 years ago as one of our supporters, and then targeted our infrastructure section. Taking that direction came naturally to Hjalte, because he was trained at ZBC in Ringsted as an IT supporter. He then took it further by becoming a data technician specialising in infrastructure. “When I finished my training, I applied for a job with any.cloud, because it gave me the opportunity to develop even more professionally re. unique technologies. any.cloud works a lot with technologies with a strong international scope, and I find that very exciting,” Hjalte says.


The everyday life of an infrastructure specialist

“My typical day starts at the any.cloud office. My opening task every morning is to check our monitors for errors. Errors displayed there are minor ones, because anything deemed critical to operations will set off an alert and notify our on-call emergency team. We always have people on call to deal with that kind of problems through our 24/7 on-call service. If the monitors at our office are all green, I start processing those of our tickets that are ready to get processed.”

Our consultants and infrastructure specialists work very closely to lift the business of our customers to the cloud(s). Hjalte and our other infrastructure team members have 2 main priorities: “One is to assist our consultants. I help them by making changes to networks and firewall settings as well as setting up VPS or MPLS solutions for our customers. Our other major priority is our backup and replication environment which is based on Veeam. Furthermore, there are other tasks such a deploying and checking servers in many of our datacentres. It is cool to be so well ahead on the operations side that we don’t run into problems.”


Datacenters, projects and IT-infrastructure

The key to operational excellence is to not only predict problems, but to actually fix issues, before they become problems, and that is why our infrastructure team is on a special mission: Firmware updates in our datacentres, and, of course, other tasks too. “We plan service windows, just like all other service providers, and that is what operations is all about. We do our best to minimise customer downtime by, for example, doing our work between 00.00 and 05.00 a.m., so we keep disturbances to a minimum.”

If you happen to meet Hjalte in one of our datacentres, he is probably there to attend to one of his more standard tasks such as upgrading hardware. As with most of what you see in life, hardware is just not forever, so we upgrade our disks to keep everything full throttle.

And full throttle is a quite fair description of Hjalte’s day. “It is always fun to be on projects that push the technical boundaries of what I do. What really floats my boat is when I hand over a finished project to our customer with the message that everything is right where it needs to be. Personally, that gives me a lot of satisfaction – when they are happy, it really lifts me up too.”

Breaking down very complex solutions and scaling them to what our customers need is where any.cloud stands out and what we do really, really well. Do you want your service provider to cater to your needs? We believe that one size does not fit all. Interested in working for a company with room for developing as a professional? Please feel free to email us your unsolicited application at job@anycloud.dk.