Current threats cybercrime: Do you know how close you are to digital danger?

Current threats cybercrime: Do you know how close you are to digital danger?

Cyber attacks, cyber crime, hackers, IT threats, malware, ransomware …

The list is long when it comes to the threats we are all facing in the digital world. There is a terrifying number of threats out there and they are close to us. We can no longer neglect, ignore or turn a blind eye on the emerging cyber threats. The need for upping cyber security is massive and the demand for cloud service providers has increased, as businesses are realising the importance of IT security.

Let’s dive into some facts and statistics and get a deeper understanding of what we are facing. We have listed 5 threatening and terrifying facts about cyber crime, while also giving you the solution.

FACT #1: Malicious hackers are now attacking computers and networks at a rate of one attack every 39 seconds 

This is truly terrifying. When you are done reading this article, 6.1 attacks have occurred. There is no quick fix to beating how often cyber attacks happen, but investing in a long-term proactive cyber strategy will get you a lot closer to not becoming a part of this statistic.

FACT #2: 39% of all global data breaches caused by malware were ransomware

Malware is software with the intent to damage a computer, a server or a person. We just learned that there’s one attack every 39 seconds, so we had better up our game, if we don’t want to be on the receiving end. Read our guide “How to stay clear of ransomware”.

*note: Ransomware is malware, where the affected user or company is blackmailed and told to pay a ransom to get the content of their computer back. DO NOT PAY THE RANSOM!


FACT #3: 65% of all ransomware attacks were delivered by email and just 35% by malicious URLs

Emails is one of the most important tools still to this day, since its launch in the early 1970ies for people to communicate professionally with each other and with clients. Getting rid of emails is not how we deal with fact #3, which just emphasises the importance of protecting your email systems. The most commonly used email platform is Microsoft Office 365, but did you know that Microsoft does not back up your email? This is your responsibility alone. That makes having a third-party cloud service provider for handling backup of your Office 365 emails essential.

FACT #4: Archive files, such as of .zip and .jar, represent around 37% of all malicious file extensions Cisco observed, with malicious PDF files accounting for 14% of the total

Sharing files is a part of any workday. But this is where malicious files can get access to your system and this threat is on the rise. Many file-sharing platforms do not take  responsibility for your data, and a lot of users don’t know that. Having a secure file sharing system is crucial to keeping out fraudulent files. If you are an customer, you get our file-sharing service Share for free!

FACT #5: Mobile ransomware has skyrocketed: It increased by 33% in 2018

This emphasises that no mobile device goes safe – quite the contrary, in fact. It is estimated that there is more than 5 billion mobile devices worldwide and the number of applications has increased as well. However, the majority of application users do not know that the apps are often the cause of unintentional data leaks and are causing a serious threat to mobile users. When downloading an app, and this often goes for the free ones, most people do not check the sweeping permissions and security. Potentially, these apps send personal and corporate data to remote servers where it is mined by advertisers or even cyber criminals.
The solution to this for you as a consumer is to carefully read the terms and conditions and make sure you know where your data resides, and which data is sent to third-parties. For you as a company, protecting your consumers is extremely essential – as a corporation you carry the responsibility. You can protect your applications and website from fraudulent activity. ReTrust is an advanced identity and detection intelligence service, where we in use IBM Trusteer software to scan and monitor your traffic to eliminate digital fraud.