Please welcome our new service: ReTrust

Please welcome our new service: ReTrust

We are proud to announce our new service! We call it ReTrust – identity and detection intelligence service. This is a service that will optimise our customers’ online journeys and other businesses with an online presence, and we launch our new service in close cooperation with IBM.

ReTrust is based on IBM Trusteer, a security software implemented on websites and mobile applications to detect fraudulent activity. IBM Trusteer has until now only been available in the banking industry, and we are now making this product available to other types of businesses, so they can secure their online assets and their customers. Through the combination of IBM software and the as-a-Service model, any company with an online presence can protect its business, brand and customers from cybercrimes such as scamming, takeovers and identity theft.

Why do we do it?

We saw an increase in the kind of cybercrimes, where criminals took advantage of fake or stolen credit cards and takeovers, e.g. when a criminal takes control of your account, often without you knowing about it, with the purpose of stealing money or the equivalent to money. The equivalent is often reward and loyalty programmes, where bonus points are being stolen and sold, leaving our customers and their customers in a predicament – because no one wins. The company with the bonus programme loses credibility and their customers want their points back, which means the company will have a points deficit. All these problems in the virtual world are scaring us, users and our customers too, so we looked to IBM, believing that IBM with this market-leading software could help us fight these kinds of cybercrimes. And we were right! IBM Trusteer was already battling cybercrimes for 600 banks around the world and protecting against digital fraud with great success.

How does ReTrust work?

IBM Trusteer is a one-of-a-kind software, which gives you full protection, as it takes several factors into account such as, but not limited to, device ID, passive biometrics and risk score. This identity and detection service will let the customers you have trust in (or new customers who are not fraudsters) proceed, while known fraudsters are stopped from stealing, hacking or scamming via your site, leaving the customer safe and sound without having to do anything.

If you have a website or a mobile application, where you or your customers have had rewards stolen or even personal information, or have had accounts taken over or scammed, problems with fake profiles and identity theft, ReTrust can solve these challenges.

As ReTrust collects its data from IBM Trusteer’s billions of sessions, it detects when fraudulent activity is happening. When the fraudster is spotted, will, in collaboration with our customer, find out how to get the hacker off the site in question and blocked. They could get a 404 page or be greeted by ‘This website is currently down’, which means they won’t be able to defraud using your brand, and without the fraudster knowing he has been spotted.

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