Does great company culture come in cans?

Does great company culture come in cans?


”Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business. It’s as simple as that”

This is how Richard Branson talks about his employees, and it is very close to my mindset. And that is why we focus on our company culture in, because what is it really like to be an any.clouder? Although we are still expanding our business and have a lot of people across Denmark, Poland and the Czech Republic, growing a great company culture is what really matters – and what I find to be the key component to fostering loyality in our employees, so they do their best for our customers.

My recipe for developing our company culture has the following ingredients:

1 teamwork across borders

Because our offices are hundreds of miles from each other, it is so important that we keep talking and teaming up – every day and regardless of where we are. That is why we meet up regularly to share knowledge re. results and expertise on what we do and which market we want to target. Together, we cover both marketing and sales, and most importantly, we help each other across the finishing line – always.

4 teaspoons of respect, innovation, reliability and room for diversity is a company with different departments, each with specialists and experts in their respective fields, but that does not mean that we think in silos. It is actually the other way around which means we are at our best and mightiest when we combine the right sources of knowledge.We are in this for a higher purpose. A natural consequence of this is that we truly respect the knowledge of our colleagues and make a point of consulting each other and sharing knowledge. As a solid team and working as one, we take our solutions to new heights.

2 spoons of dedication and development

At, we are priviledged to have a team with so many skills that we, in unison, form a whole and all complement each other. The result is a fantastic team that develops and drives its members to the next level. It is important to us to invest in our team members, so we have a designated heading on our budget for certifying and training our people, so their knowledge is always top-notch.

1 pinch of great physical surroundings and social activities

There is more to being a skilled employee than being an experienced professional. We like and protect our workplace relationships by having quarterly any.outings. An any.outing is a social event which offers either action, culture or sheer enjoyment and we are fortunate to have a lot of people joining every time, which really strengthens our team spirit.

Lots of companies brag about room for differences, and in our case, we are serious about that as we work from rooms at Islands Brygge in Copenhagen which offer lovely views of the strait of water between Islands Quay and Kalvebod Quay – a very used feature for visual inspiration when solving problems or developing new ideas.

My vision

My dream for is to provide what we need to be the best at what we do. Spreading oneself too thin is never the answer, so we specialise and focus on exactly what it is we are doing. I believe that is how we secure the best solutions, the highest quality and the best in class customer satisfaction that we want to be known for.

We want to stay unique and keep finding methods of adding value to our customers in ways that nobody else does. One of my favourites is making the personal touch the centerpiece, so our interpersonal skills are and always will be the most important tool to our success in the future. I see as a safe harbour and departure point to the big and complex world of cloud, with us guiding our customers based on our expertise and many years of experience. We are the ones clustering the different technologies that form the strongest possible business platform to our customers, thereby strengthening their productivity and quality.

My main objectives as the CEO are creating motivation and making my team excited to come to work, so our any.clouders want to stay here. You have to leave here smarter than you came, and my goal is definitely to stir up innovation and energy, so you as a colleague see yourself moving forward as much as you do the company. Our company culture is important to me, and I want to make sure that the social upside to working in our company grows by providing contexts for socialising and spending time together, so we all join in, when it comes to consolidating the sense of community that means so much to our customers and ourselves – as people.