Is a firewall still relevant today?

Is a firewall still relevant today?

Have you given any thought to why we don’t specifically mention firewalls when we talk about our hosting solutions? Your observation is correct, but that does not mean firewalls are not in there. Today, we protect more than 3000 VMs behind our firewall.

So the short answer to the question starting this blog is this: Yes, firewalls are still relevant today – maybe even more so than ever before.

According to Google Trends, 2004-2011 saw a decline in how much we focused on firewalls, and after that, nothing much happened. Perhaps we take the protection offered by firewalls for granted now.


What is a firewall?

What would the world look like without firewalls? Our customers are segregated, so they can only access their own networks. They are protected by our firewall which is software programmed to control who has access to a specific network. Without a firewall in place, nothing would control the traffic to that particular network.

We have a number of so-called firewall clusters, one cluster being 2 firewalls. In short, that means that just like everything else in our business, they are redundant. The second one takes over, if anything happens to the first one. security and certifications

In, we have a team making sure that our firewall is strong and well regulated, so with an VPS solution, you have the built-in protection of our firewall. It is up to you who can access your network, and our specialists keep uninvited guests away. All our firewall expert team members are network certified (CCNA) and specialise in firewalls. Firewalls are a complex solution, and a lot of time and energy goes into handling them for our customers.

For you, it means that you will not have to worry about setting up and maintaining rules. We will get you there with our solution, and all you have to do is tell us who you want to grant access.

So, even if most people don’t use the word firewall a lot these days, firewalls are in no way dated or done away with. Ours stands as proud and tall as ever, and we have the right team for protecting you. Call us or write to us, and we will make sure you are fully covered.