Pay forward the Christmas feeling

Pay forward the Christmas feeling

Christmas is just around the corner. To many, Christmas means spending time with their families and enjoying the holiday spirit, Christmas trees and, of course, presents. Unfortunately, none of that is a given for placed children, and Christmas is a time, when they are reminded that they are not as well off as children living in their own homes.

This year at, we want to pay forward the Christmas feeling by donating money to the Danish charity initiative called ‘Julegaveregn’, which translates to showering someone with Christmas presents. We believe that we, as a company, have a social responsibility. Julegaveregn is a project dedicated to helping placed children through the Christmas holidays. The initiative supports approximately 2,000 children placed in 24 hour care centres in Denmark, Greenland and on the Faroe Islands. Danish parents spend an average of DKK 1,100 on presents for each child, whereas life for a placed child is very different, due to the limited funds of the Danish public sector, stretching to DKK 200 per present for placed children.

Christmas is not just about presents like iPads, TVs and expensive clothes. It’s about taking care of each other. The Christmas presents from Julegaveregn mean a lot to the placed children and can make a huge difference to their festive season, and we very much respect how the volunteers at Julegaveregn help make the world a better place.

“All children should have the opportunity to feel special. Operation Julegaveregn is through simple means able to make a huge difference for this group of children. The presents are remembered and appreciated for a long time after Christmas is over.” Søren Skjødt, chairman of FADD (Association of Placed Children).

Every penny counts!

Operation Julegaveregn is a private initiative that started in 2006 and is exclusively operated by volunteers which means that all donations will – in full – benefit the children. But in order for every child to get a present, Operation Julegaveregn must raise at least DKK 1 million. With our DKK 10,000 donation, we know we have reached 20 placed children, which corresponds to a small institution. The Christmas presents will be a symbol of solidarity and caring for each other.

“We are happy to help children and young people placed in care. We believe that a Christmas present can make a difference. And if it brings just one moment of happiness, I believe it’s worth it.” Gregor Frimodt-Møller, CEO at

At we would like to encourage everyone we know, colleagues, family and friends, to make a donation to Julegaveregn. Because together we can make a real difference for the children.