IBM COS: Are you missing the digital innovation?

IBM COS: Are you missing the digital innovation?

Companies are made up by data. A LOT of data. But did you know that in a lot of companies as much as 80 percent of company data is not structured or stored the right way? That is why a lot companies look to, for example, IBM Watson to find a better way.

We completely understand that picking just the right cloud solution can be difficult, because what is it exactly that you need, how do you protect your data, how do you access it, how pricy is it, how flexible is your cloud solution and what about the security aspect of the whole thing? The truth is that you only miss the digital innovation, if you don’t have a cloud solution, and we promise you this: It is not difficult at all, and we are here to help you reach the next level.

IBM COS: An innovative cloud solution

IBM’s Cloud Object Storage (COS) is a brand new and innovative approach which integrates a scalable and secure cloud solution with minimal costs, proven sustainability, data security and high accessibility to your data. IBM’s COS solution does much more than just solve your storage problems, because it comes with a built-in backup which means you can use it as an archive. In short, you get 3 solutions in 1 from as little as DKK 128 per month.

With an IBM COS solution, you can store endless amounts of data online, and do so in a simple and cost-saving manner. Furthermore, this kind of cloud solution offers enormous flexibility and lets you handle you own data in the cloud. This solution includes a high-speed function (Aspera) which accelerates how fast you can transfer data to and from IBM COS and still analyse your data intelligently.

Increased data security with regional and cross-regional accounts

You get a lot of flexibility just from deciding for yourself where you want to place your “cloud”. With IBM’s datacentres being located in so many different locations world-wide, it is entirely up to you, if you want your data stored regionally in one country or across 3 countries/US states and multiple datacentres. No matter which solution you go with, you will have high accessibility to your data, and within the EU, it goes without saying that your solution complies fully with the GDPR.

You can enhance your data security with 2 different types of IBM COS accounts

A regional account increases your data security by, for instance, storing your data in Frankfurt and in 3 different datacentres located at least 30 kilometres apart. The win for you is that even if the connection to one of the datacentres fails, you will never know, because your data is available from one of the 2 other datacentres. That makes your file located regionally and replicated to 3 different datacentres, thereby ensuring you an extremely high redundancy and availability.

If maximum security and top of the notch availability are priorities to you, go with the next level, which is called a cross-regional account. That is what we call data that travels across borders. An example of that could be storing your data in Milan, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Your data is replicated not to 3 datacentres in 1 city, but 3 datacentres in 3 countries. This will increase your data security even more, because even if a power outing should occur that knocks out the entire Greater Frankfurt Area. You will be fine, because you will be supported by Amsterdam – a level of data security and availability that is very hard to reach on your own.


In total, 4 different types of Cloud Object Storage have been developed. They are called ”buckets” and build on what you need when it comes to access to your data:

Standard: Active and fast consumption for when you need frequent access to your data

Vault: For a less active weekly or monthly consumption and perfect for backup

Cold Vault: For when you need to access your data quarterly or once a year, for example in case of long-term storage of data

Flex: For dynamic consumption where you don’t really know when you need access to your data

If you need long-term storage of data that you don’t expect to access much, it is available through our Archive-as-a-Service at a minimal price. Through our IBM COS web interface, you set up a so-called “bucket”, where you tailor your bucket of data to your own liking. You can set up as many buckets as you need, and the genius of it is that you only pay for what you consume. With no start-up fees, this is what we call a simple and flexible pricing structure.

Our solution supports S3 APIs, so you can connect to your data through your applications, NAS and servers etc. It is entirely up to you how you set up permissions and access for your employees, so they can access and control your buckets of data.

Encrypted data

Your data will always be secure, regardless of how it moves around, because all data has SSL encrypted endpoints. The opposite of that, namely data sitting in your buckets, is secured and controlled through IBM COS or with your own encryption key for each of your buckets.

So, all in all, an IBM COS solution gets you an integrated solution that offers a lot of different options. With low costs and pricing based on your actual consumption, this solution is far cheaper than you may think. As it is at a monthly base price of only DKK 128, this is within most people’s financial reach. And if what you require does not match this particular cloud solution?

Please check out the form below which we can hope helps you clarify the right direction for you in terms of pinpointing your exact needs.