Make the most of machine learning and Watson

Make the most of machine learning and Watson

You are living in a world of data. Data is embedded in your personal life, your job and in everything you see and hear. The amounts of data can be overwhelming. We are constantly looking for new ways to archive our existing data, as we make room for new information. But simply archiving data using classic off-line tape methods will prevent you from harvesting the information that may be hiding in your data.

This is where can help you by outsourcing how you store your data, or parts of it, in IBM Cloud Object Storage. COS is online and accessible, but at an equal-to-tape price level. Having all you data online offers your data a revival if combined with the add-on feature in IBM Watson. Files and data that have been accumulating over the years can be hard to access for a human being. “Where did I save the data?”, “What year was that?”, “What was the name of the client?” are the questions that we ask ourselves. However, with IBM Watson, we can help you get a completely new insight into your existing files. Watson can be a help to many businesses and across a wide range of industries. As it can look through vast amounts of data, analysing and comparing the data and ending up providing you with the answer that you need.

Machine learning

How can Watson help me, you might ask? There is a very big difference between how we as humans search for the answer to a problem and how a machine does it. What characterises humans is so-called ‘deep learning’, which means learning over time from experience. In contrast, computers use ‘machine learning’, which means they learn patterns to find the most likely answer to the question asked. As a result, machine learning is resourceful in areas flooding with data. Because of machine learning, Watson will make sure that you don’t overlook important bits and pieces. Above all, Watson has the capacity to go through images, audio, video and text files. And pinpointing exactly what is important for your research. With a solution from us, we make sure you keep the ownership of your data and give you full access to Watson’s features.

The possibilities of using machine learning are only limited by your imagination and creativity. Let us inspire you to finding new ways of working with your data to rejuvenate the value of your data – old as well as new.

Please feel free to reach out to us, if you want a renewed active access to all your storage.