IBM Cloud datacentres: The future-proofed choice

IBM Cloud datacentres: The future-proofed choice

Managing IT infrastructure has become a commodity imported and exported across borders to keep costs low. In some cases, the reason for outsourcing IT is to find a reliable partner close to where you operate to handle your data. With us, IBM Cloud is an option through more than 50 datacentres, 6 regions and 18 availability zones all over the world. The datacentres give you a more secure journey to the cloud, because it has been built with security in mind to support all your workloads and applications.

Building your cloud strategy with us as your partner gets your company easy access to the high agility of a world-wide solution. With datacentres all over the world, IBM Cloud is a future-proofed choice even outside GDPR regions. Let’s look at India as an example. Recently, a government formed panel working with the Indian cloud computing industry has announced that localising data is a target in times to come. This data protection point of view is to ensure data safety. Today, vast amounts of data travel out of India to cloud services elsewhere. If Indian businesses in the future are to store data locally, a lot of data need to migrate back into India. As a result, it will not only affect the economy, but also companies outside India who depend on cloud solutions. It will require new datacentres across India to store the data coming back to the country.

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At, we work closely with IBM, meaning we are already on site in Chennai, India, where it is possible to handle any kind of data without it ever leaving Indian soil. Our Indian customers have chosen to outsource locally, and their forward way of thinking will carry them securely into the future. In short, we can offer you the same service when it comes to high availability in an agile environment. All datacentres located in Europe are GDPR compliant and IBM has strict policies in place when it comes to datacentre privacy and your intellectual property.

If you are looking to set up your environment in a location near you, we can help you to test it now. Even if you have already started on your journey by getting safety or certification requirements into place, our solution can help you reach your goal, as security is our number 1 priority.