Data Processing Agreement

Data Processing Agreement

Winging it when it comes to security happens a lot. And there is a lot more to it than the potentially vulnerable points of an IT infrastructure, as it relates to lack of knowledge due to IT becoming still more complex and hard to keep up with. Only the highest possible standards cut it, when it comes to data security, security of information and cyber security in general, because data is the cornerstone of your business. An example: The GDPR has really changed our mindset and how we adapt tour new digital world.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has revolutionised how the majority of Danish companies work because of the consequences of a new regulation – particularly re. storing data and the obligation to inform about both the right use and the possible abuse of data. More and more companies connect as collaboration partners and especially via online platforms which may lead the way to cyber attacks.

Why does your company need a data processing agreement?

Connecting to your collaboration partners is essential, but all it takes is one single link not being up to standards, and that could mean the end of the rest of the chain, same as if one link loses or leaks your data, because then the damage is done. And the consequence is a ripple effect that knocks out everyone else interacting with that one link. So, applying caution to who you trust with your data includes carefully evaluating all other businesses you work with, and the data processing agreement has been developed with the purpose of protecting you as our partner and providing security to you and your company.

The data processing agreement complies with the standards set by Danish Cloud Community whose main priority is to raise the standards when it comes to the safety and quality delivered by the cloud hosters in Denmark. There are a lot of hosters on today’s market, which do not meet the very strict safety standards of, for instance, ISO-3402.

We as a company – and not just the data centres that we use – comply 100% and that makes all the difference! Providing safe and efficient solutions is what we do. Because if our customers don’t feel comfortable trusting us with their IT, that leaves us exactly nowhere, so we secure our customers by using a data processing agreement.

By partnering up with a provider with a data processing agreement, you make bad hosting a problem of the past, because the data processing agreement is tailored to your needs – not ours. And because we want to secure our customers, a data processing agreement is a complementary element of all solutions.