The top 6 misconceptions of cloud security

The top 6 misconceptions of cloud security

Have you ever wondered about cloud security and how safe the cloud really is? With more than 20 years of experience as a multi cloud service provider, we regularly come across people who are not really sure about the whole cloud thing.

Judging by the rumours regarding what we do, it doesn’t stop there, so we always make time to talk to our customers about the security aspect of the cloud. We do that, because much of the talk about ‘how risky the cloud is’ is – more often than not – founded in misconceptions and gossip and not much else. And that is why we give you not only the top 6 misconceptions about how the cloud may work against you, but want you to know how we, as a very experienced multi cloud service provider, deal with them.


Rumour #1: “My cloud service provider has access to all my data

This is not entirely accurate, because we can handle your data without even reading or accessing it. We handle data, but we do not view data in its original form. And if you want to be absolutely safe, you simply encrypt your company data.

By encrypting your data before it is sent to us, we make sure that your data is safe and can only be accessed by you, but still protected by us. Moreover, encrypting your connection is important to make sure that the only one who can access your data is you.


Rumour #2: “I will become too dependent on my cloud service provider and lose all my flexibility

Forming a partnership with a cloud service provider is often thought of as locking you down and taking away your flexibility, meaning that you only get fixed solutions that can’t be tailored to your needs. This is far from the truth.

At, we deliver customised and flexible solutions, completely tailored for the needs of you and your business. We understand that each customer is unique and that every client has different needs. That’s why we customise our cloud solutions to match your wishes.


Rumour #3: “I can’t trust that my cloud service provider will keep my data safe

If you let a cloud service provider handle all your data, how can you make sure it is safe? And where is your cloud?

First of all, it is extremely important to choose your cloud service provider with care when outsourcing your IT. Always have in mind that the cheapest solution might not be the safest and best solution for your particular needs. We recommend that you find a certified service provider that commits to transparency. Trust and responsibility is key to how we do business. Every time.

Find out more about our view on trust in the IT industry here.


Rumour #4: “I don’t want to share my data, platform or servers with other customers of my cloud service provider

People are often weary of having to share their platform with our other customers, and particularly the privacy aspect of that holds people back from using the cloud. But it is nothing but a die-hard rumour, as that is not how things happen. Our customers have their own resources and a dedicated network, thereby not sharing their data with anyone at all.


Rumour #5: “My backup is not stored separately from my production data by my cloud service provider

This rumour is false. If we stored your backup with your production data, it would not be a backup. That’s why we use two different types of storage: One for your production data and another one for your backup.


Rumour #6: “My data can’t be protected, if it travels the internet”

All we want is to keep your data safe, and that’s why we use MPLS/VPLS when transferring data from you to us. It’s a direct line from you to us, so think of it as a cord between two computers. It can’t be accessed by anyone else but the sender and the receiver.


Cloud security – still concerned?

Are you still on the fence or just not sure what works best when it comes to your cloud security? We specialise in moving companies to the cloud. Our expertise and knowledge about cloud security can take your company to new heights in a number of different ways, so check out the obvious wins for your company of moving to the cloud here.