The History of

The History of

1 May, 2018, marked the day when went from being a teenager to being a grownup. The fact of the matter is this: We turned 20! And we thought we’d let you in on our journey, because the history of is anything but boring and nowhere near predictable.

As stated by co-founder and CEO Gregor Frimodt-Møller: “It is amazing what has happened during those 20 years. We are proud to have developed into a company that delivers versatile solutions to our customers, which has  seen a remarkable increase when it comes to customer volume, and last, but not least, that we, as a company, can be so very proud of our dedicated employees whose contributions have taken us to where we are now. Looking back, much more than the journey of stands out. So do the quantum leaps of technology developing.”

Technology changed. So did we, and in our latest film, we pay tribute to the technology that more than anything illustrates the milestones from the last 20 years, without forgetting what is important: The memories, the people and how each and every one of us strives to excel every day in how we deliver exactly the right services to our customers.

Our business thrives on trends by the thousands each second, but it is still second nature to us to hold on to our core values: Being innovative without compromising the quality of our solutions and thereby integrating them – protecting what’s important since 1998.


The history of

It all began 1 May, 1998, when brothers Gregor Frimodt-Møller and Adrian Frimodt-Møller founded their company, called MacXpres, in Pilestræde, Copenhagen. Mac, Apple and especially Mac support were not very common components in the Danish market, so the brothers quickly established a business niche for themselves.

3 years down the road, 3 guys together at Vallensbækvej really set the shape of the company. 1 year later, MacXimum, owned by Thomas Allentoft, moves in with MacXpres. The 2 companies take their cooperation to the level where they merge in 2006.

A new cooperation calls for a new name, and in 2007, the merged company introduces the component “any” for the first time, by changing its name to anyCOPY. anyCOPY becomes a major player in introducing backup solutions on the Danish market, thereby justifying its anyCOPY name. The “COPY” element is, however, parked in 2013, whereas “any” stays when the company develops into what we know today:

The latest step in our company history so far was taken in 2017 when we merged with any.mac and – our already roommates and close collaboration partners. And, in short: 1 October, 2017, saw the birth of a one stop shop specialised in delivering IT service packages with multi cloud solutions, IT consultancy services and sale/leasing of hardware and software as building stones