VPS: The best solution when it comes to hosting

VPS: The best solution when it comes to hosting

VPS, managed hosting, server hosting, cloud and cloud servers – it seems that the definitions are endless. What‘s the right term for what you are looking for? Today, there are many ways of describing outsourcing of IT, and, what’s more, you will find many service providers, solutions, and last, but not least: A great variation in quality. If you are looking for a business solution, you are definitely reading the right article, because a VPS or Virtual Private Server is a great solution for business purposes.

What is a VPS?

When you are looking for a business solution, you may be put off by the word “private”. Well, don’t, because the word “private” in this context means you can customise your own server choosing your preferred operating system. We create a virtual environment with dedicated resources, where you choose CPU and RAM exactly to your liking. That means you get your own private server with the software configuration of your choosing.

Our VPS is a managed solution, which means that we take care of installation and configuration. We will customise it to meet your needs, and you won’t have to familiarise yourself with Apache or PHP. We will also maintain, monitor and make backups – delivering a secure solution and no concerns on your side about complex systems and tedious jobs such as maintenance.

Your data security is key

The reasons for securing your data seem to be ever-growing. And for once, we are not talking about backup, but about secure servers and about knowing who has access to your servers, and where they are placed. A server with any.cloud means that you – and only you – have access to it.

At any.cloud, we always look for full customer satisfaction, and this is why we include a data processing agreement. All our services include a complementary data processing agreement. Meaning that you will be complying fully with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In short that guarantees that your data is safe.

A number of solutions will give you access to cloud hosting, but as mentioned earlier, there’s a variety in quality. The VPS solutions provided by any.cloud are ISO-certified and designed especially for businesses. As an add-on, we can offer MPLS and VPLS, so you can secure your traffic in a closed network. With any.cloud creating the solutions for your company with your company needs in mind, you will have time to focus on your business.