What is Disaster Recovery as a Service?

What is Disaster Recovery as a Service?

Do you ever get the feeling that you know as much about Disaster Recovery as a Service as you do about the hidden secrets of the Himalayas?  

Don’t worry, we will get you ready for the big picture! In short, Disaster Recovery as a Service, also known as DRaaS, is a 1:1 replica of your IT environment.  

Picture this: Your IT environment is a car cruising the highway. The car breaks down, which sometimes happens. With DRaaS, you have a spare car driving there with you for the entire trip. It is a 1:1 copy of the car that you already have. And if car 1 breaks down, you just change to car 2 and keep driving.  

Here is what you might think: “2 cars travelling the same road side by side? That sounds expensive?”  

But here is the thing: You don’t pay for 2 cars. The price for car 2 is lower, so you might say, figuratively speaking, that you only pay for its wheels. Car 2 belongs to the group of things in life that nobody ever wants to be in need of, but it does guarantee your company uptime no matter what happens. And you don’t have to worry about car 2 breaking down, because it comes with a 24/7 mechanic who is completely on top of its reliability and technology.  

The secret behind car 2 is that it is running in our datacentre, which means cool things for you:  One example is that you are protected from data loss as a result of ransomware, because our network is separate from yours. In other words, you are redundant not only re. your data, but also re. your provider, because you are not vulnerable to what would happen if your provider went out of business – that business including all your backup. With any.cloud as the driver of car 2, you can always be sure to keep your business afloat – even if you had a complete breakdown in your own IT environment incl. your backup.  

Extra wins: You are a part of an ISO certified solution + car 2 comes with a complementary data processing agreement – you won’t even have to ask.   

Disaster Recovery as a Service for your company?   

Let’s look past the car metaphor for a minute: DRaaS is a very advanced 1:1 replica of your entire IT environment which can be brought to life with very short notice by our expert team. As for your company, a Disaster Recovery Solution (DRS) will make sense from when your company is so mature that downtime is business critical, so it is really like taking out insurance – on your IT.   

Let’s look at an example: Downtime will set your company back DKK 200,000 per day, whereas setting up a DRS with any.cloud comes at a cost of DKK 5,000 per month. Our solution is relevant, if the consequences of downtime for you are frustrated employees who can’t work.  

And not only that: DRaaS is a perfect fit, if your company is required use 2 centre operation. This solution will be particularly profitable due to both the cost saving element as well as a secure way of complying with the 2 centre requirement. And going with this solution will safeguard you against power failure, fire, flooding, breaking and entering etc.  

Diverse solutions, because companies come in many shapes and sizes – that’s where we are the experts. Contact us, and we will be happy to tell you more about how you optimise the safety of your business with a Disaster Recovery Solution.