NAS cloud backup

NAS cloud backup

Is your company using NAS (network attached storage) for file storage? And did you know that it is possible to do a backup of your NAS directly to our Cloud Object Storage (COS)? We see a lot of customers using a NAS as a main file archiving system.

A NAS is a cheap way of storing and filing your data, and as opposed to a cloud solution, it is a one-time fee. As long as your NAS is connected, everyone on your network can access the files stored there.

But what happens, if anyone deletes elements from on your NAS? Or if it breaks down? Or if it is damaged by fire or water? Your data would be lost, which is why you need a backup, if you want to secure the safety of your NAS.

How to do a NAS cloud backup

NAS cloud backup is a service which we at offer via our Cloud Object Storage solution. COS is a flexible solution where we work with IBM to secure your data – each and every kind of data.

And that’s one of the wins with COS: No virtual limit when it comes to TB (terabyte) or even EB (exabyte). COS will become part of your IT infrastructure, just like a NAS cloud backup, but using the built-in software to back up your data to a secure datacentre in Europe.

With COS, we can let you go back in time and recover important files. And the thing is this: You won’t need this solution, unless disaster strikes, and then it will be too late. With a COS solution, you get to do backup with a lot of retention at a very affordable price.

Secure your data with NAS cloud backup

Always make sure you live up to the 3-2-1 rule. If your company is based on data, or you use data to grow, safeguard it with a NAS cloud backup already today.