18 wins to choosing a cloud server

18 wins to choosing a cloud server

Cloud server or physical server? Is your company standing at a cross-road, or are you just not sure what works best? At any.cloud, we specialise in moving companies to the cloud. Our expertise on cloud solutions can take your company to new heights in a number of ways, so check out the list below to dive deeper into the obvious wins of your company moving to the cloud.

Advantages of a cloud server

1 – Extremely high reliability: any.cloud offers 24/7 surveillance which means that we respond to every single alarm reporting any kind of anomaly –, and that’s around the clock and right away.

2 – No extra space required around the office: Because you have no physical servers at your office, you don’t have to count in space for them – “space” usually being a separate room.

3 – No extra costs: The cost for a cloud server includes everything!

4 – Wins re. indoor climate: No extra demands on your air conditioning when it comes to getting rid of the considerable excess heat generated by physical servers.

5 – Lower your IT staff costs: Your company will not need staff allocated especially to tending to and maintaining your server park – or to performing backup procedures etc.

6 – Getting help is so easy: File a ticket with any.cloud’s support, and help is on the way.

7 – Energy savings: You can go – or stay – green as a company, because you – as a company – won’t be the consumer of the energy required for physical servers. That consumption lies with any.cloud and is consolidated much more efficiently. That benefits the environment.

8 – Total protection of your servers: Our datacenters are protected from all kinds of accidents and disasters including flooding and fire.

9 – No unauthorised access: Nobody can get into your servers or “do stuff” by accident, because only a very small circle of authorised personnel has access to the cloud servers. Each and every one is checked carefully, and the cloud servers are under a 24/7 video surveillance manned by guards.

10 – Always-on: Power failure? There is no such thing! Our datacentres are fully redundant and that includes power supply and emergency supply systems.

11 – Compliant closing down of servers when a contract expires: any.cloud offers documentation that all data has been deleted in compliance with current legislation.

12 – We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation: Already at this stage, we have, for quite some time, been complying with the legislation becoming effective 25 May, 2018.

13 – No hardware investments for you: We have already done that and the physical quality of our hardware is significantly higher than if you went out and got your own.

14 – NOC (Network Operations Centre): Our NOC is manned by our specialists who are working day and night to nail improvements and optimise our quality.

15 – Flexibility: Switching between hardware and datacentres can be done with no downtime at all.

16 – You live up to the 3-2-1 rule: 1. Data in your production. 2. Data in a secured backup. 3. Data in a secured backup in an additional datacentre.

17 – Securing all your solutions: Much better protection against ransomware, because a hosted solution is far easier to secure and replicate.

18 – Protection from attacks in a cloud server: Due to i.a. protection from DDoS attacks happening on datacentre level, no client sensitive equipment is impacted in case of an attack.

Still not convinced that a cloud server is the right choice for your company?

Just give us a call, as we will be happy to take a closer look at your company and help you evaluate which solution will do the best job when it comes to covering the needs of your business.