5 reasons for IT outsourcing

5 reasons for IT outsourcing

We have found the top five reasons for IT outsourcing, because having a reliable IT department is crucial in the world of today. We require constant uptime and the newest technology to perform. For any business, an IT department is made up of complex hardware and software to keep all business processes going. As the business grows, one way to control and reduce costs could be outsourcing your IT. 

1. Cutting costs 

Outsourcing your IT to a cloud service provider can save you a lot of time, energy and cut costs.  You can control costs and expenditures as there is a fixed monthly fee when IT outsourcing. Having an off-site IT department saves you salaries to full-time members of staff, because even if the rates might be higher with a service provider, you do not need them on a full-time basis. That means you will save money, and moreover, you won’t have any costs related to hiring IT staff. 

Another area for cost cutting when IT outsourcing is that with a cloud services provider you don’t have to buy expensive hardware and replace it when it is obsolete. This also means that – at no extra cost – you always have access to the latest and most updated hardware and software.


2. Leaving you time to focus on your business 

With a cloud service provider, you can focus on your business instead of on running an IT department. Cloud service providers have years of experience working with different clients, who represent all kinds of companies and industries. Therefore, it is easy for them to adjust to your needs and help you in a time of need – and preferably earlier than that. Having a cloud service provider will be an eye-opener re. how much you can strengthen your focus on other aspects of your company. 
This allows you to increase productivity in areas that will make your business thrive – and simply because your business will be able to cut costs and focus on the core competencies, which, for most companies, is not running an IT department.  


3. Technology and expertise knowledge 

One of the biggest rewards of outsourcing IT is the high level of skills of the staff handling your IT. Engineers are qualified within different areas of expertise. No matter which kind of problem you may experience, your cloud service provider has someone who can help you out. With this kind of expertise and knowledge, they can also foresee issues within your environment. Moreover, they can fix them, before they turn into an actual problem. If you hire internally, you cannot ensure a wide set of skills. Furthermore, if you have a IT department, they will often not have time to stay updated on new technology etc.

Outsourcing also means that immediate access to the newest and most current technology on the market. And as mentioned earlier, you will not have to buy expensive hardware to stay up to date. This is the responsibility of the provider to ensure that the hardware is up to date.   


4. Flexibility that can be adjusted to need 

Another concern when outsourcing your IT is the question of quickly they will respond. And whether or not they will prioritise you and take your problem seriously. It is the job of the service provider to make sure that everything is running. Choose your service provider wisely. A flexible provider has time, experience and a sincere wish to get you back on track as fast as possible.
With a provider, you can adjust everything according to need, and it is easier to do so with an outsourced IT department. The reason for that is that they already have the hardware and software you need.  


5. Minimise the risk of outage 

Cloud service providers are responsible for servers, backup and for the entire infrastructure working as it should. They make sure to minimise risk, as their entire livelihood depends on being alert to unpredictable factors such as backup, software or hardware failure, malware or ransomware etc. Internal IT staff often have many other projects to worry about. And will not be able to respond quickly and take care of your problem.
Cloud service providers are dependable when it comes to limiting risk, because they are a reliable partner to all their customers. They have staff dedicated to keeping everything running 24/7/365.  


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